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‘Return to Work’ – this is just what you were looking for!

If you are thinking about:

  • Making your office an option for those who want to return.
  • Safely reopen with a hybrid work strategy that’s right for you.

Then read on..

Say hello to Robin – the secure, app-based desk/meeting room booking solution with live interactive floor maps, and O365 integration (or Zoom, Slack, Exchange, and Google Calendar too).

Here are seven reasons why we think you might love Robin:

  • Distance planning: Get a birds-eye view of your entire workplace and set up socially-distanced seating plans that allow for your ideal capacity. Determine which desks can be used and prepare a safe floor plan using desk parameters while also establishing capacity limits.
  • Contact tracing: Confirm individual and team use of conference rooms, desks, and other bookable spaces throughout the office.
  • Desk/Meeting Room Booking – Offer bookable seating options and wayfinding from a map via desktop, in-office kiosk, or mobile app. Also label spaces with equipment, capacity, and furniture so people can filter spaces by what they need.
  • Space booking policies – Set custom policies on things like meeting duration and how far in advance spaces can be booked.
  • Free up unused space – Automatically remove events from the calendar that didn’t happen to prevent abandoned meetings.
  • Analytics – Get access to space utilization, meeting density, recaptured time, and more in one dashboard. Determine what activities are under or over-supported in your office over a period of time.
  • Notifications – Share floor plan drafts and seating changes with stakeholders before going live via email notifications.

Worthy mention – ‘Health Checkpoints’ are an incredibly handy feature for return to work – send surveys to employees for contact tracing or self-identify if personally experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 prior to coming into the office.

We also love the depth of analytics – get robust reporting to answer questions like, “Who was in the office and when?” and “Do we have enough desks?”

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We’re one of the UK’s first Robin Certified partners.

Return to Work with Snelling Robin UK


Download the AV Playbook 2020

If it’s inspiration you are looking for, or just browsing out of curiosity. The AV Playbook 2020 will be your handy guide for planning AV installations over the year.

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To Infinity and beyond…

Ok Buzz, no kidding about.
NEC are betting big on the Infinity Board.

The all-in-one Collaboration Solution and here are three reasons why we think you might love them:

  • Open platform – comes pre-installed with Windows 10 Professional means you’re likely to be accustomed to it and no restriction to software, video conferencing app, operating platform or infrastructure.
  • Modular – more flexibility in choice of screen size or dual screen side-by-side setup, camera positioning, wall or trolley mount, height adjustability, audio solution and many more aspects facilitating flexible scenarios to ensure perfect-fit-solutions.
  • Easier – fully customisable and upgradable, and the OPS slot-in PC can be set up and configured ahead of installation. The embedded PC can easily be upgraded at any time too.

Worthy mention – The pre-installed apps are just as handy as the full package. We found the Huddly integration and Mosaic Connect are incredibly handy integrations for the meeting room experience. Connects securely with any network configuration, including corporate Wi-Fi, guest Wi-Fi, mobile data, a hotspot or any combination.

Every Mosaic Connect meeting is protected by a unique ID, 4-digit PIN and is encrypted end to end.

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We’re one of the UK’s first NEC ‘Certified Infinity Board Partner’. This actually means something!

NEC Infinity Board Certified partner
Samsung The Wall LED Installation

Modular microLED is big!

Modular microLED is a super-sized display built to custom specifications, and made-to-measure for any space. 

‘The Wall’ got a lot of attention at InfoComm 2019 and CES 2019 for the vivid colours and stunning detail.

Did we mention 8K?

If you ask us though, it’s the modular technology that drew us the most – you decide the shape and size of your display – customise it to fit any environment from the boardroom to reception.

That’s right! They blend in seamlessly to any style and décor. They’re highly resilient too—designed to withstand bumps and scrapes.

Oh, and did we mention 8K?

Check out ‘The Wall’ in action at SAMSUNG KX.

‘Software-based’ Audio Video and Control?

Here’s the deal: a software-based platform built around an open IT-friendly ecosystem for audio, video and control (AV&C) features at the software level. No need for dedicated hardware. 

That’s what Q-sys does and why we love the platform. It means the system develops over time through firmware upgrades.

The Q-SYS Core processor can handle nearly any small installation. Large enterprises can deploy AV&C processing from the data center with Q-SYS Enterprise Core processors. Your IT can centralise all processing, control and monitoring across the entire building, while offering full redundancy on nearly every Q-SYS component.

Full AV/IT convergence!

Ask Little Billy:

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