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We create immersive, audio visual experiences for ambitious retail brands.


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Brick-and-mortar stores and showrooms have the potential to create curated brand experiences that inspire loyalty, personalise interactions, drive conversions, improve customer service, and edge-out the competition.

Our audio visual (AV) technology integration blends the physical shop floor with digital experiences to create truly immersive, on-brand experiences for shoppers and visitors. 

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Sound systems can be configured for stores and showrooms of any size – from a background music system to a paging and voice evacuation sound system for a shopping centre, or custom-built audio setups for personalised in-store experiences.

We can assist with the specification of amplifiers, loudspeakers, switchers and controllers, and advise on the right formats ranging from music cabinet speakers for a clothes shop, ceiling speakers for a retail store, or pendant speakers for a large supermarket and more.


In-store dynamic LED screens bring unbeatable advantages from running costs, contrast ratios, to power consumption and more. They can be used at the POS or store window to share engaging multimedia content such as products from the latest season, promotions and more. We have extensive experience with installing large format LED screens, LED video walls, LED wall tiles and curved LED installations.

We can help you choose the appropriate LED display solution suited to your floorspace- opting for stand-out AV technologies that not only offer the wow factor but deliver the highest reliability and warranties.


Retail spaces and stores are becoming destinations and this is key for the future. In the digital age, this means extensive use of immersive audiovisual design and technology.

We work with top retailers to design, develop and maintain audio visual systems, customised to the specifications of each individual store. Our global network of elite AV technology manufacturers allows us to bring the latest advances in AV technology specifically for retail spaces.

Our expertise lies in digital signage, video walls, large format LED installations, configured audio systems, engaging projection, retail intelligence and analytics, and much more. Once you have successfully completed the roll-out at one site, we can standardise your specifications and offer single-source project management for all current and future deployments around other stores and showrooms internationally.

Customers expect the same kind of interaction they get online, but they want to see dynamic content everywhere they look. Successful retailers design in-store spaces to engage the senses, using integrated audio and video.

Explore how we helped Samsung redefine experiential retail in the heart of London.

Immersive, spectacular and integrated experiences can turn brick-and-mortar retail spaces into compelling destinations. As digital technology becomes more accessible, brilliantly designed and well-thought-out audiovisual experiences will be the price of admission.


Samsung KX

Read the full case study of the full fit-out of the flagship central London store.

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