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A Place for Discovery.

Audio Visual Integration for experiential retail. 

Samsung KX Redefines the traditional retail format with a multi-sensory, community-driven destination.

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Redefining the retail experience.

It’s not a shop. Spread over 20,000 sq. ft., Samsung KX redefines the traditional retail format with a multi-sensory, community-driven destination.

The delivery of immersive experiences rely on the efficacy of audio-visual engineering – cabling and infrastructure, equipment and installation, programming and customisation, flexibility and futureproofing.

  • World’s first 10-metre-wide vertically curved 1.5mm LED wall
  • Europe’s largest 4k HDR10+ over 10GB Fibre deployment
  • ‘The Wall’ – Samsung’s 1mm pitch LED wall
  • 4K and 8K displays and more.

Developed for Experiential Retail.

Samsung’s new experience space at ‘Coal Drops Yard’, the brand-new shopping and lifestyle district in King’s Cross, London.

The objective is to showcase the full Samsung ecosystem- how multiple devices and services come together to deliver a complete and harmonised experience.

Guests are among the first in the world to experience Samsung’s latest technologies and innovation through a range of awe-inspiring experiences, events, skill-sharing workshops, simulated environments (such as smart homes, connected kitchens and integrated in-car experiences of the future).

ScreenMax LED Wall

World’s first 10-metre-wide, vertically curved 1.5mm LED wall. 

Samsung IF015H 1.5mm pixel pitch LED Modules in a curved configuration with suitable pixel canvasing from a Green Hippo Taiga+ server to split the content resolution of 6720×2880 onto the display.

Capable of 4K movie content (with 7.1 audio via JBL cinema speakers) for the 60-seater audience (expandable to 80), it can also run store content and the graffiti mode (Galaxy Graffiti). A host of BlackTrax tracking cameras provide X and Y positions on the wall.

Distributed Audio and DANTE 

Audio is a critical component supported by a wide array of high-end, professional JBL and Martin Audio surround sound loudspeakers and subwoofers, Crown amplifiers and BSS Soundweb DSP in the MER/SER racks. Dante networked audio input/output devices is deployment-ready at multiple locations for future expansion.

ZeeVee Zyper4K AVoIP System: Content Distribution Network (CDN)

Uncompressed 4K UHD video is distributed over a dedicated 10Gb OS2 single mode fibre LAN with a single core in the MER. The ZeeVee Zyper4K UHD encoders/decoders are connected at each of the following CDN endpoint locations.

Green Hippo Servers

There are three Green Hippo Taiga+ servers located in the MER to share files & content on a private 10Gb network (HippoNet) and controlled using the Hippotizer software.

Video sources from ZeeVee decoders are taken into 4K UHD capture cards in the Green Hippo Taiga+ units. Professional, production quality 4K UHD playback and capability for editing, visual effects, show production & scheduling, capture of video inputs, Samsung experiences, live camera feeds and pixel mapping on the ScreenMax LED wall.

BrightSign System

HDR10+ video content distribution and a platform to upload/change video and static image content for the TVs and signage. 26x XT1144 players located in the MER and routed through the ZeeVee CDN. Audio content from the Brightsign system is routed through the BSS Soundweb to the required loudspeakers in the distributed audio system.

At a quick glance
  • 4K UHD video infrastructure and video over IP powered by ZeeVee Zyper4K AVoIP Content Distribution Network (CDN).
  • High quality, fully flexible networked (Dante) audio system with low impedance circuits suitable for events, talks, lectures, small bands/music performances, cinema playback.
  • 100% video, audio and control over IP network
  • LAN Networked for control, monitoring, management and systems integration
  • “ScreenMax” 6720×2880 over four 4K UHD large LED video wall feature
  • All video sources routed through the Cisco switch to the 23 displays systems in the space via the ZeeVee Zyper 4K SDVoE
  • Uncompressed 4K 4:4:4 60Hz HDR10+ UHD video distributed over a dedicated 10Gb OS2 single mode fibre LAN with Cisco core switches
  • Distributed audio system for full flexibility in the use of the space.
  • 216 active 10 Gb fibre ports through the MER into 172 port Cisco Nexus 9504 10 Gb fibre switch
  • Green Hippo content media servers
  • 26 Brightsign players for 4K HDR10+ content for dedicated Samsung displays
  • Video conferencing system
  • AMX control system & touch panel control
  • Custom connectivity panels


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Europe’s largest HDR10+ over Fibre Deployment

No compromise on uncompressed, real-time video with zero quality loss – mission critical performance for Samsung KX! As the UK’s first ZeeVee Signal Partner Program certified AV over IP Specialist, we leveraged ZeeVee’s Zyper4K (SDVoE) 10GB uncompressed product line.

HDR10+ content distribution and true uncompressed pixel for pixel 4K 60 444 HDR image quality, with near zero latency (100 microseconds) from any source to any display, including the ScreenMax LED wall.

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