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700 MHz Prohibition: Sennheiser Trade-in Promotion!

Are you aware of the 700MHz Prohibition?

Over the next few years, European authorities will prohibit the use of wireless microphones and in-ear monitors in the 700 MHz band (694 MHz-790MHz). This process has already been started in some European countries- spectrum will be reserved for telecom applications, like 4G mobile networks.

OFCOM (in November 2014) also decided to make valuable spectrum in the 700MHz band available for mobile data as soon as practicably possible. Read more here.

Sennheiser Snelling Promotion | 700MHz Trade-in

If you’re affected by these changes, this promotion is for you! Sennheiser will trade in old gear towards your new wireless.  

It’s very easy and done in two steps!

1) Complete and return the claim form (Enter your email and name on the top right) along with a copy of your invoice.

2) Arrange a return of your equipment to Sennheiser (we’ll advise you when and where)

It’s really that simple! Confused? Got questions? Give us a quick call. 


The World’s First Soft Throwable Microphone!

We love the idea. Keeping the audience engaged and enthused is the biggest challenge any speaker faces. So here’s a novel way to do it.

At your next conference, Meeting or Lecture, instead of slowly passing around a stick microphone, simply throw the Catchbox!

People don’t go to lectures, conferences, or meetings just to listen to someone talk; that is what youtube, email, and the internet is for. Instead, events should be about engagement, participation, and discussion, not just information. CatchBox makes it easy to do so.

Of course, no two events are the same and each with their own set configurations. For the same, CatchBox comes in two variants. 

CatchBox | Two Throwable Microphone Variants from Snelling Busienss Systems

CatchBox Lite for a seamless plug-and-play experience. Lite comes with a 30m/100 feet range for audiences ranging upto 100 people.

CatchBox PRO with 90m/300 feet range suitable for audiences upto 2000 people.

The Pro also claims >20h Battery life but you will require your own transmitter. They also come fully customisable and with interchangeable colours to carry your brand styles. 

To answer the obvious question that comes to mind when you’re throwing the CatchBox around- they are equipped with a unique magnetic locking mechanism which ensures that the inner capsule doesn’t pop out when the device is thrown.

Just so we don’t blow ears out when the CatchBox is dropped- the AutoMute function cuts all the unwanted sounds when it is in motion.

There’s a lot more to Catchbox. Curious? Have a question?

Contact us to buy or find out more about the CatchBox. 

Transform Any Projector Into a 3D Mapping Machine

We love the idea. What if you could remotely map any content to any object or feature, using your existing projector? Better still, use DisplayMapper for individual installations, or to manage hundreds of locations. DisplayMapper can play videos, interactive content and video map live web pages.

Sounds good? It gets even better- There’s an App for it. All you have to do is a create an account, download the app, upload your content and manage all your devices/content from one dashboard. You could well be sitting miles away in a different country.

What could you do with it?


Mould and Twist: The Next Generation of OLED looks very promising

It’s giving us ideas already. Imagine what could be achieved in content-rich interactive environments. 

LG call it ‘The Twister’, featuring eight connected double-sided, flexible OLED panels for superior image rendering viewed from any angle. Each panel offers 4K Ultra HD image quality with 3,840 x 2,160 individual pixels while system on a chip (SoC) and 128GB of internal memory work together to deliver perfect UHD playback without the need for a separate PC or media player.

Designed with dual-sided ultra-slim OLED panels in a glass pane, LG’s In-Glass Wall-paper OLED signage is perfect for boutiques, art galleries, but can be diversified to other environments. 


What if directional sound could emit through glass?

Here’s another step into the future of directional audio products. Turtle Beach unveiled their prototype, HyperSound Glass using their HyperSound® technology to create directional audio using a transparent pane of glass. Think about the myriad of applications into future glass-based directional audio products and applications in the consumer, commercial and hearing healthcare spaces. Potentially integrating into desktop monitors, commercial displays, desktop speakers, automotive dashboard glass to provide audio warnings directly at the driver, and more?