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Transform how audiences interact in the lecture/theatre environment with AV design & integration for robust, flexible and intuitive lecture & presentation environments.


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If we understand the ways in which people interact, share, and collaborate to learn in the environment, we can unlock latent potential. 

The impact and link between audio visual design and productivity is a critical topic among professionals in the built environment, but many organisations underestimate/overlook the the role of Audio Visual technology to truly understand the impact on learning and collaboration.

That’s where we come in.


Lecture Theatre | Audio Visual | Design Integration Installation

Award-Winning Presentation Infrastructure for Lecture Theatres

We can advise on the specifications and applications suited to each individual space, and their intended audience. These comprise everything from interactive display systems, visualisers, preview monitors mounted on teaching desks and projection systems (including edge-blend technology) specific to your lecture theatres.

Presentation audio includes surround sound systems, voice reinforcement, steerable array speakers, speaker and microphone schemes, and video conferencing systems of cameras and codecs. AVoIP brings the distinct advantage of lecture capture capture, recording and streaming while minimising the need for manual technician assist where necessary.

Understand Behaviour. Analyse Space Utilisation.

It is critical you have a clear view on what role your lecture theatres play in their overall estates and facilities strategy. What are you looking to achieve? What is the ideal outcome? What is holding you back? What learning experience are you trying to create and how do they connect the different parts of the organisation to deliver it?

With #SystemsThinking we can walk you down the process and help you arrive at answers that provide a solution to a problem that exists. We don’t simply bring hardware into a given space. 

AV Integration for Lecture Theatres

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Find out more about how we can help re-imagine auditorium and lecture spaces with audio visual systems designed around your audience. 

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