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Solutions to problems. Whether you are a University looking to control fiscal operating costs while introducing newer and more collaborative teaching spaces, or a corporate house looking to introduce better collaborative workspaces.


We have the right expertise in building AV systems for your office space infrastructure, collaborative workspaces, and brand building.

From boardrooms, meeting rooms, workspaces and lecture/conference facilities to audio and video conferencing and on-site broadcasting capabilities, we have a wealth of cross-sector experience to met your workspace challenges.

Corporate Portfolio

Higher Education

With national procurement frameworks and sole-supplier contracts with leading UK Universities, we have vast experience within the Higher Education sector. More importantly, we understand the business and strategic challenges you face and how AV systems/infrastructure can bring solutions.


Higher Education


For complex installations and systems, which merit precise design and engineering skills. From projection systems for curved walls to acoustic challenges of Victorian architecture, we have the right experience and in-house expertise.