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AV infrastructure to support collaboration between Sophos’ multinational network of global sales operations.

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HQ Workplace Audio Visual Integration

AV systems for Sophos’s offices were delivered in two phases.

Phase 1: fully standardised workplace refits to their largest European operations, including:

  • United Kingdom: 20 standardised meeting rooms, Zoom Rooms integration
  • Switzerland: Zoom Rooms Integration
  • Italy: Zoom Rooms Integration
  • Spain: Zoom Rooms Integration

Phase 2: standardised refits to 14 international locations with zoom integration to workplace collaboration spaces.

zoom-room-certified-integrator-snelling business systems

International Audio Visual Refits

As part of the contract, Snelling Business Systems delivered AV refits and Zoom Room integration across Sophos’ most most critical sales offices around the world.

United Kingdom          Hungary

Switzerland                   Germany

Spain                               Austria

Italy                                 France

USA                                 Singapore

Philippines                     Japan

Australia                         Ireland

Meeting Rooms with Zoom Integration

Standardised meeting & training rooms across two floors were delivered. At the bare minimum, meeting spaces are standardised to include:

  • Display: LG UHD 4K displays ranging from 49” to 75” (determined by the viewing distance and room size).
  • Zoom integration (NUC) with an iPad user interface.
  • SHURE MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphone with Shure Intellimix DSP.
  • Crestron DigitalMedia™ 4K Networked AV encoder and decoder.
  • Video Distribution via structured CAT6A cabling, using Crestron NVX Encoder and decoders
  • Wall-mounted Crestron 7” touch panel

Lecture Theatre at Abingdon HQ

The large space was refitted to deliver group presentations and live video conferencing to connect staff at global offices. Upgrades include, but not limited to:

  • Upgraded visual capabilities – The existing projection system was upgraded with a new head-end matrix and distribution to improve reliability, add 4K upscaling and replace all of the existing ethernet extension to professional standards.
  • 2x Logitech PTZ Pro 2 Videoconferencing cameras – one facing the audience and another facing the presenter and presentation area.
  • New Sennheiser Wireless microphones.
  • Extron DTPmatrix, DSP and channel amplifiers


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