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First Endoscopic Installation Entirely on AVoIP

How can AV systems support a new approach to collaboration between scientists and clinicians, which is the only one of its kind in the world?

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The World’s First!

Quadram Institute (QI) is an entirely new idea where researchers, scientists and clinicians collaborate under one roof, and in real-time (the first of its kind in the world). AV infrastructure was designed and integrated to support this vision.

The first endoscopic research, training and dedicated NHS endoscopy facility to be run entirely on AVoIP. The fibre infrastructure supports two-way audio and video interactions during live clinical procedures with uncompressed 4K video (SDVoE) over a 10GB Ethernet network.

This allows researchers and scientists to observe and interact with clinicians (live!) without crowding the endoscopy rooms where patients undergo investigative procedures.

Medical Facility Audio Visual Specialist Installation

Interconnected Endoscopy Suites

The award-winning installation includes identical Endoscopic treatment rooms where clinicians perform investigative procedures on patients. Interconnected with the Divisible Seminar Room for live streaming, on or off campus. Uncompressed, zero latency video feeds from these suites can be relayed live over the fibre optic AVoIP infrastructure.

2-Way Divisible Seminar Room

Two side-by-side rooms with a divisible wall can also be used as a single room for larger audiences. The seminar rooms are interconnected with the Endoscopy Suites and the AV system is designed to receive video feeds of live endoscopic procedures and enable two-way audio interaction.

Visual: Independent dual projection systems, makes it possible to display separate, or duplicate video content in each space.

Audio: user can select speakers to receive audio from the selected Endoscopy suite for two-way communication in interactive teaching sessions.

3-Way Divisible Lecture Space

Capacity: up to 100 participants

Three side-by-side rooms with dual folding walls, which act as three standalone rooms, combined spaces, or one large lecture hall. Independent projection systems, makes it possible to display content in each space.

Meeting Rooms

 They follow a standardised equipment list and scaled according to room layout and size; each meeting room features:

  • 1x NEC Full HD 70” display with (NEC) wall mounted side-speakers for video conferencing.
  • 1x Lifesize video and audio conferencing via soft codec and VoIP.
  • 1x Barco ClickShare CSE-200
  • 1x Cabletime MediaStar Digital Media Decoder and IP Television Receiver
  • TeamMate collaborative furniture for specialist medical applications.
Bespoke Programming and Customisation

The principle for user control interface in all meeting rooms and divisible spaces is based on a single wall mounted touch screen controller (Crestron), to carry out all necessary in-room AV, HVAC, access control and lighting control.

The GUI for control panels was designed, prototyped and programmed, in-house to the specifications and brand guidelines of the Quadram Institute. Interface layouts, colour schema, visual grammar, navigation was developed in collaboration with the consultant and stakeholders.

Snelling Support +

Managed support contract with proactive support, reporting and a preventative maintenance built into a customised contract.


First Ever Endoscopic Installation Entirely on AVoIP

“Snelling Business Systems have rolled out the first endoscopy site in the UK utilising uncompressed 4K video (SDVoE) over a 10GB Ethernet network using fibre interconnectivity. They have accomplished this feat with unmatched skill and nuance.


The client brief specified there could be no compromise on uncompressed, real-time video without quality loss during a medical procedure – mission critical performance!


Leveraging ZeeVee’s SDVoE ZyPer4K product line, Snelling Business Systems implemented near zero-latency (100 microseconds) and pixel-perfect uncompressed 4K 60 444 quality across the building. 


Snelling Business Systems are the first certified AV over IP Specialist in the UK as part of ZeeVee’s new Signal Partner Program, which gave them access to training and resources crucial to facilitate this milestone implementation in the UK medical arena”.


Charlie Sullivan

UK & Ireland Business Development Manager

ZeeVee, Inc.


The first endoscopic research, training and dedicated NHS endoscopy facility to be run entirely on AVoIP.

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