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Expedia, Inc.

Expedia’s First ‘International Lab’ for UX Design Research.

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AV Integration for UX Research & testing

‘Identify global differences to address unique user needs that will, in turn, influence UX design and product decisions’.

‘Expedia’s first international lab,’ is equipped to run complex user behaviour and user experience experiments. Snelling Business Systems delivered the complex AV infrastructure, which quietly supports the facility.

The hi-tech London lab, which consists of two meeting-sized rooms that are joined together by a panel of glass.

Expedia Usability Lab London AV Integration Case Study


Video during live experiments:

  • Ability to capture live video feeds through the Panasonic PTZ room camera, face camera, Wolfvision HD desktop/device capture camera, AUX camera input and participant PC to observation PC(s) (i.e. remote conference via Blue Jeans etc.), recorder (USB or HDD), IP stream to internal network, observation monitors for real time review.
  • 55” Samsung Pro-displays with presentation laptop input, video conferencing, multi-view (live relay of all cameras / PC feed), preview and programme confidence monitoring and recording, as well as desktop monitoring screens.


  • Two-way communication/talk-back between spaces.
  • Ability to route voice and presentation audio to observation PC(s) (relay, record or conference via Blue Jeans etc.), recorder (USB or HDD), IP stream to internal network, observation monitor speakers for real time review.

Recording and Streaming: Ability to send composited HD video images with audio to:

  • Observation PC (for local recording, collaborate via Blue Jeans etc.)
  • Recorder / Streaming device (HDD / SD Card and/or H264 Streaming).
  • Cisco video conferencing.


  • Custom branded, intuitive user interface via AMX touch panel with secondary iPad control (no need for additional remote controls). The control system enables the session manager to automate all AV equipment on/off, start/stop record and/or streaming, camera control, set audio volume, and select which source is displayed.
  • Automated ‘on air’ door signs.
  • Virtual production: Extron MGP Pro Multi-Graphic Processor.

Support & Managed Services

System reliability is mission-critical for Expedia. Our turnkey support service provides unlimited cover and operational assistance, and covers all labour, materials, loan equipment, training and onsite service (including assistance or instruction if required) to provide a complete solution to Expedia.